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Water Important for Life
Water is the priceless gift of nature. Without water, there is no life on earth. None can deny that water is a friend to human race but it also acts as a foe by way of harbouring disease producing micro – organisms and containing some substances that may lead to ill health. The introduction of packaged water for human consumption at recent times is a boon to mankind and more conveniences are realized. Whenever common men purchase packaged water, he thinks that the quality is assured and it is safe water. Such assurance should be given to the consumer by each and every manufacturer of packaged drinking water.

Keeping in view the utmost importance of quality, Bureau of Indian Standards has, promulgated standards for packaged waters intended for human consumption; the standards are published classifying the packaged waters into two groups, namely,
Packaged Natural Mineral Water.
Packaged Drinking water (other than packaged Natural Mineral water).

Packaged Drinking water (other than packaged natural mineral water) is the drinking water of satisfactory quality derived from any source, and packed in suitable containers and sealed properly.

Why Drink Pure Water

Our Body is 75% water.

  1. Water regulates body temperature.
  2. Flushes out toxins from the cells.
  3. Carries Nutrients and Oxygen to the cells.
  4. Dissolves nutrients for availability to the body.
  5. Helps muscles and ligaments cushion our joints

Our brain which controls all the functions of the body is 75% water. Slight dehydration can sap our energy and lead to lethargy and inattentiveness.  We therefore need to drink at least 2 liters of pure water everyday.

Bottled Water
Initially, only the higher class in the society had the privilege of consuming bottled mineral water as it was not affordable to others. Gradually, as the business processes advanced with changing times, the production of bottled water rose up to 700million bottles all over the world. Later, a recyclable plastic known as PET became a popular packaging material as it was lighter in weight and environment friendly as well.

Kent 100% pure bottled mineral water perfectly safe for consumption. Always have a bottle of Kent Water handy whether you are in a meeting or travelling to places. If you are dehydrated or feeling loss of energy, just take a sip of Kent and "experience the energy within you. Stay full of life with Kent by your side!
Kent Packaged Drinking Water
Kent water undergoes multiple stages of purification to ensure the final product is free from germs and chemicals. Kent is filtered water rich in mineral contents for the well-being of your health.
Kent Quality
Kent - 100% pure bottled mineral water is perfectly safe for consumption. The filtration process involves removal of all impurities, ensuring every drop of water is germ-free.
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